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Inclusive & multigenerational

For once in the outdoor play and activity market, we offer a uniquely inclusive approach through play, exercise and learn activities that gather both your focus and the children's area of interest in every single thematic activity. 

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Highly modular, highly attractive

Thanks to the wide variety of interchangeable activity side panels and accessories, your dream comes true, enabling keeping the highest level of attractiveness and novelties up to date hassle-free.

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The best cost-effective solution

Make your pool of play and activity PlayTree's dynamic. The interchangeable side panels can circulate amongst different sites straightforwardly without a re-certification process.

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Canopy Design consieve and manufactures multi-generational and multi-functional activity areas with the aim of offering a modern response to outdoor activities through play, exercise and learning in a changing urban landscape.


All our products are designed to bring together the interests of each generation in each activity to offer the highest degree of attractiveness and safety for all.


This approach was born out of a simple observation when going to playgrounds with my son. The activities are compartmentalized for either children or adults without the interest of one being matched by the interest of the other. So our vision is to play, exercise and learn together.




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